The Motor Medic Ltd is OPEN for Business and we are taking very seriously the threat of COVID19.

We have made some small changes to our business to protect our staff and customers as you arrive and leave our premises.

We ask all our customers to sanitise their vehicles on arrival by cleaning door handles steering wheel and handbrake and gear levers with antiseptic wipes. We will provide these if you don’t have them. We will provide you with a bin for the wipes and we will allow you to enter to WASH YOUR HANDS. We will do the same when the car is ready for collection. We will wash the outside of your vehicle but at the moment we are NOT cleaning the inside.

We hope you are happy with this. We love to chat and we will do this but we will be keeping it to a minimum and at a safe distance.

We have a DROP + GO policy in place but we will spend time with you so we understand every thing you need to get done.

We wish all our customers well and we will continue to provide everyone with the same level of service that you have all experienced and you all love from our team at The Motor Medic. Chat to us, once its safe!!!!!

Philip and the Team

Safety First for All


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