Time to book your car service

SHOW YOUR CAR SOME LOVEIt’s been ages since you serviced your car, right? But there’s always something or you forget and suddenly its nearly 2 years since your car has had even an oil change. Lack of servicing and maintenance is false economy. Often, by the time the poor car gets looked at, it needs all brakes done, a full service (not just an oil & oil filter change) and possibly a host of other issues. Which means, POOR YOU!

Cars need maintenance. As part of your car service, we carry out a vehicle health check on lights, fluid levels, tyre pressures & condition, steering, suspension & brakes. We will advise you of any issues, give you a repair estimate, and we might even wash & vac your car!

So, whilst I don’t buy into the Valentines Day mushy nonsense, it is a timely reminder to spread a little love ❤️ …. in the direction of your trusty, neglected automobile 🚘

Book your car service with The Motor Medic – we ❤️🚘

Phone 01-4056430



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